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11 ABL111 JITC 2023 CLDN18.2 and 4-1BB bispecific antibody givastomig exerts antitumor activity through CLDN18.2-expressing tumor- directed T-cell activation 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
10 General Vaccines 2021 Bispecific Antibodies: A Smart Arsenal for Cancer Immunotherapies 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
9 ADC (Nterm) mAbs 2021 N-terminal selective conjugation method widens the therapeutic window of antibody–drug conjugates by improving tolerability and stability 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
8 ABL503 JITC 2021 Novel anti-4-1BB×PD-L1 bispecific antibody augments anti-tumor immunity through tumor-directed T-cell activation and checkpoint blockade 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
7 4-1BB Platform Science Advances 2021 B7-H3×4-1BB bispecific antibody augments antitumor immunity by enhancing terminally differentiated CD8+tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
6 ABL001 BMB Reports 2020 Synergistic antitumor activity of a DLL4/VEGF bispecific therapeutic antibody in combination with irinotecan in gastric cancer 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
5 ABL001 Int J Mol Sci 2020 ABL001, a bispecific antibody targeting VEGF and DLL4, with chemotherapy, synergistically inhibits tumor progression in xenograft models 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
4 ABL001 mAbs 2016 Simultaneous blockade of VEGF and Dll4 by HD105, a bispecific antibody, inhibits tumor progression and angiogenesis 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
3 General (ABL001) Mol Cancer Ther. 2023 Targeting the DLL/Notch Signaling Pathway in Cancer: Challenges and Advances in Clinical Development 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘
2 ABL301 Cell Rep Methods 2022 Grabody B, an IGF1 receptor-based shuttle, mediates efficient delivery of biologics across the blood-brain barrier 링크정보 아이콘 PDF 아이콘